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BACstage BACnet Operator Workstation, single seat
Hardware license key for activating the following products:
  • KMD-5791-WinControl XL Plus
  • BAC-5000-BACstage
  • TotalControl Design Studio
  • TotalControl Building Services
Each product requires a hardware key on every computer on which it will operate. The key requires a dedicated USB port for product activation and continuous operation.
WinControl XL Plus Software
TotalControl AWS for BACnet, 50 controllers, 1 web seat, H/W key included
TotalControl AWS for BACnet, unlimited controllers and web seats, requires TC-BAC
TotalControl AWS for BACnet; upgrade from 50/1 to unlimited controllers/web seats
License to add Protocol Gateway Service to TotalControl Building Services
TotalControl Kiosk License Seat
TotalControl workstation KMDigital, 50 controllers, 1 web seat, H/W key included
License to add unlimited KMDigital controllers and web seats to TotalControl Building Services, requires TC-KMD
License to add an OPC Drive to TotalControl Building Services
Single seat of TotalControl Design Studio AWS
TotalControl Web Monitor & Control (one additional concurrent seat)
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