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Introducing the New Touch Screen Display

System visibility is crucial to many installations, for the integrator as well as end users and facility managers. To improve this visibility, KMC Controls is introducing a new 7-inch touch screen display. This display offers onsite system access without the need for a workstation, laptop, tablet, or outside device. Front Display 7 w Splash Screen Blog

Using only a few small holes, the touchscreen display is easy to install on a panel. Once wired, you have the option to connect to your building automation system by either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It features a customizable kiosk mode configured by simply adding IP addresses. Once configured, you can quickly and easily switch between different system sources within your network. And once installed on the panel, the flush-mount bezel makes the display tamper-proof.

Use the touch-screen display for a variety of applications. Control Niagara webpages, see and interact with your custom graphics and interfaces, and use it to view KMC Converge GFX graphic dashboards. If you have a KMC Conquest router installed on the network, navigate its HTML5 pages for diagnostics, VAV balancing, and all of the other router features. You can even gain access to the KMC Commander IoT platform to discover and control devices on your network, as well as view your trends, schedules, and alarms.

We’ve created a series of videos that cover our new touchscreen display. See just how simple installation and setup is, as well as how to use the device with a variety of KMC applications here. To view the data sheets and other documentation, visit the Partners portal.

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