About KMC Commander, CopperTree and Kaizen

CopperTree Analytics and Kaizen

We are proud of the features KMC Commander brings to our partners and end users, but we know that many times in smart building projects, there are many other needs that the platform alone can’t meet. One of those needs is analytics, fault detection, and energy management. This is why we’ve built our system to an API-first platform, prioritized for integration.

One of our strongest partners in this effort is CopperTree Analytics!

CopperTree has two strong offerings inside their Kaizen platform, Kaizen Fault Detection and Diagnostics and Kaizen Energy, each with their own approach to helping your building be as efficient as possible.

Using pattern recognition and a rule-based engine, Kaizen Fault Detection and Diagnostics gives you the power to optimize your building’s performance and continuously improve it. With an automated FDD Kaizen pinpoints where faults are occurring within your facility, allowing you to take resolving action immediately and with KMC Commander, remotely, saving you time and valuable resources. Their platform also provide system-centric reporting, a custom faulting engine, and ROI-based metrics, helping you determine which root cause fixes will provide the highest return.

Then, with Kaizen Energy, enjoy a portfolio-level and building-level energy management platform, including powerful energy baselining, multiple resource metering and interactive views with flexible perspectives. CopperTree’s sophisticated Energy Management Information System encompasses energy Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting with weather normalized baselining, benchmarking and other advanced energy features. Kaizen Energy will help your organization measure its energy performance, set targets for improvement, identify areas of focus, and measure your achievements.

And working with CopperTree and KMC Commander couldn’t be easier. With the KMC platform deployed, Kaizen can be deployed on top without any other hardware installed at the building. With a few clicks of a button, Kaizen begins ingesting your building’s data from KMC Commander and running your rules. In one project, we were able to help our customer identify $3,200 in savings in the first week.

To learn more about KMC Commander, CopperTree, Kaizen, or any of the other solutions from the Building Geniuses, contact us today!