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Choosing a SimplyVAV model

Mar 4, 2019

The SimplyVAV series of controllers is an easy and unique approach to operating a wide variety of VAV terminal units. With integrated actuators, internal airflow sensors, and an array of application programs – these BACnet Application Specific controllers are ideal for either new or retrofit installs.

Added Flexibility: Expansion Modules

Aug 6, 2018

You need flexibility. So, we’ve designed our KMC Conquest product line to be flexible. A key piece of this is the expansion modules. You can add inputs and outputs going through a general purpose controller by simply daisy chaining the modules together. 

Block Programming with KMC

Sep 9, 2016

As of September 2016, KMC Controls has released block programming via the Control Basic Block editor, supported in Connect, Total Control and Niagara. Block programming provides a simple...

General Purpose Controllers: Backbone of the KMC Conquest line

Oct 31, 2018

We talk a lot about flexibility here. We talk about ease. You know why? These two qualities go hand-in-hand. We want our products to make things easy for you. We want our products to be easy to purchase, easy to install, and easy to use. And we want to be the flexible solution for whatever your system needs.

Guest Post - KMC Controls: Leveraging IoT for Smarter Facilities

Apr 26, 2019

As cities continue to become more complex and densely populated, taking control of the spaces we inhabit—and making them more intelligent—is critical to conserving energy and resources, elevating living and working standards, and saving money. 

KMC AppStat: The Perfect Combo of Power & Convenience

Apr 11, 2019

The BAC-4000 series KMC AppStat brings the power of an equipment controller, with the added convenience of a thermostat with built-in humidity and motion sensors.

KMC Commander in Action: Baldwin Child and Adolescent Health Center

Aug 31, 2018

KMC Commander is an IoT platform designed to help businesses affordably solve immediate problems while providing a long-term solution for future development. This highly customizable platform can be adapted to handle a variety of situations. Let’s take a look at one real-life example, the Baldwin Child and Adolescent Health Center in Baldwin, Mich.

KMC Conquest NetSensors: Keeping Things Flexible

Sep 10, 2018

Like a good personal trainer, we like to keep things flexible. Our KMC Conquest line of BACnet advanced application digital controllers and sensors provides superior flexibility, with a variety of integrated features that make for powerful edge devices in the smart building ecosystem.

Quickly Configure with KMC Connect

Feb 14, 2019

Looking to quickly configure KMC BACnet controllers and sensors? KMC Connect is our configuration tool with a variety of time-saving features.

The 101s: APIs

Apr 24, 2019

In today’s internet, tech-driven world, we have information and convenience at our fingertips and we have come to expect instant results. From ordering anything imaginable on Amazon, to connecting smart devices to our phones, everything seems to just work together. But how is it these devices and services can connect and communicate so easily?

The 101s: Benefits of BACnet

Oct 3, 2018

IT and OT are converging. As building systems get smarter, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand the mechanisms behind these systems. For OT, BACnet is a great place to start.

The 101s: Intro to VAVs

Aug 22, 2018

HVAC systems in commercial buildings are getting smarter every day. As technology advances, HVAC systems must adapt as well. This growing building “smarts” comes with big benefits – energy management tightens, tenant comfort becomes more commonplace, and cost savings grow. 

The 101s: LEED

Dec 21, 2018

You may have heard the phrase in green building circles, but what exactly is LEED?

The 101s: Rooftop Units

Dec 4, 2018

We’ve all seen those huge metal boxes on top of retail stores or warehouses. An RTU, or Roof Top Unit, is one of the most simple and common pieces of commercial equipment around.

What are Benefits of a BAS?

Sep 17, 2015

A Building Automation System (BAS) can provide many benefits for you, such as higher energy efficiency, lower operating and maintenance costs, better indoor air quality, as well as greater occupant comfort and productivity. Here are some examples of how that can work.

What's Your IQ on IAQ & IEQ

Sep 24, 2015

Articles about intelligent, smart, or green buildings often mention obscure and sometimes confusing acronyms, such as IAQ (indoor air quality), and IEQ (indoor environmental quality). Are IAQ and IEQ the same thing? Many people confuse the two, but they are different, though overlapping, concepts.

When Failure is Not an Option: The Evolution of Fail-Safe Actuators

Oct 29, 2015

Did you know that your commercial building is full of actuators? Actuators are used by a Building Automation System to control the temperature and ventilation in a building.