KMC Commander Reports

The reporting module in KMC Commander® is a quick, easy way to view system and device information. The module can be found in the left hand menu by clicking the Report icon. To create a report, click the “Add New Report” button at the bottom. With the launch of this module, we are including four types of reports: Energy Usage, Manual Override, Out of Range, and Runtime.

  1. The Energy Usage report is a great way of aggregating and collecting data in your system, which is tagged with an energy tag and reporting a unit of kilowatt hours or kWh.
    • After selecting this report type, there is one timeframe dropdown you must select.
    • After selecting your timeframe, the report will begin populating with each of the devices and points relevant, displaying the timeframe of the information collected and the total kWh.
    • To narrow this report down, you can select only the devices you want to include in the saved report.
    • Next time you open the report, only those points and devices will display.
    • Or you can select all the records, click Save, and the report will display all points next time it is opened.
    • This data is also available to be downloaded as a CSV file, giving ease of access to this data for local reporting or other tools.
    • The report can be closed by clicking the x in the top right, and reopened by selecting the report on the left.
  2. The Manual Override report helps you see which points are currently written at a particular priority. If you identify an issue, it’s easy, right in the report, to make changes to that point.
    • Clicking the action button next to a point brings up the point change popup.
    • You can change the setpoint, click advanced and view the priority array, and clear a priority within the array, then write that point at a more appropriate priority – all inside the report.
    • Like all other reports, you can download the data as a CSV and save the report for easy viewing later.
    • One note about the manual override report, we always recommend double checking the priority array for any problematic overrides. The Reporting module will use what the last known priority or command was, which, if not recently fetched by KMC Commander, may not be the most accurate number.
  3. The Out of Range report works by simply adding a minimum value and maximum value to the two text boxes, the tool then searches all points inside the platform and display the points with a current value outside the range of those two values.
    • You can also simply limit to above a value or below a value if there’s something particular you’re looking for.
    • Once generated, select the points you want to include in the report, click save, and it’s now always available.
  4. The Runtime report looks at all binary values in the system, and calculates the amount of time a device or point has been set to that particular value.
    • A helpful report for a huge number of applications and troubleshooting tasks.

While these are the only four report types at the launch of this module, we will continue to add more overtime. Additionally, if there is a report type you’d like to see, contact us today and we’d be happy to work with you to create it through our KMC Commander Professional Services.