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Department of Defense Computer Facility

Ogden, UT

The Defense Department’s Enterprise Computing Center (DECC) is a facility with complex environmental control system requirements. When it came time to upgrade and integrate old systems including chillers, boilers, AHU’s, CRAC’s, generators, UPS, and power distribution monitors, building management chose Systems Performance Engineering Corporation (SPEC), a KMC authorized installing contractor.

DECC provides data availability twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. Therefore, in addition to planning and installing new systems, SPEC had to insure a smooth, incident-free transition during the entire construction and renovation process.

Using KMC controllers along with the KMC OPC Server provided the Department of Defense with a single source, cost effective, control solution. These integrated systems could now be operated and maintained under one common front end.

According to Paul Johnson, the facilities manager and engineering analyst, “[The] Computer Monitoring and Control System has saved taxpayer dollars by providing a tool to maintain the balance of a very complex environmental system in our large computer facility. Additionally, the reliability and dependability of the system, allows our facility team to remotely keep tabs on the crucial 'heartbeat' of the facility, without being right inside the mechanical/equipment rooms, yet maintain instant real time status.”

The Department of Defense must ensure that things are running smoothly, and KMC has been able to meet this need. According to consultants with North Glacier HVAC, an outside mechanical contractor hired to run the system, the best features of KMC’s solution are the alarms and reports. When things begin to go wrong, an alarm sounds at the central computer, a report is generated, and the problem is fixed immediately.

KMC systems continue monitoring the building’s systems. DECC continues to expand its control system to the administrative side of the building. There are already over 2800 points, and the facility is still expanding. Systems Performance Engineering Corporation of Connecticut continues to work with DECC on this expansion, as well as providing top-notch service for the KMC products.