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Federal Police Building

San Pablo, Brazil

Brazilian-based Federal Police now have a new building with plenty of offices and jail space. The building is similar to the FBI building in the US, in that it is a state-of-the-art construction outfitted with the latest technologies. A KMC Controls digital system allows for tight control of the facility. The KMC system has enabled the integration of the fire detection system, high tension switches, and the emergency generators. Complete control of the system is available from a central location using WinControl, which allows management to easily control all of the integrated facility functions while keeping the internal environment comfortable.

With the Federal Police building now completed, building management has ready access to the system operations. A graphical user interface enables easy control of the HVAC system. Current conditions can be reviewed, room temperature can be checked at each VAV zone throughout the building, and air handling equipment can be checked for efficiency, all by scrolling through a graphic representation of the building layout.

ISAI Controles of San Pablo, Brazil, together with ISAI of Montevideo, Uruguay, was chosen as the controls contractor for this project. They were able to secure the project due to their ability to integrate HVAC and other functions using KMC products. Among a field of three final candidates, KMC controls were chosen for this project because they were the most economical choice.

The peer-to-peer architecture and built-in flexibility of the system enables individual user preferences to be met. With digital controllers mounted in each room that display the temperature, employees find it simple to adjust the temperature to their own preference.

According to an on-site building manager, “The KMC Controls program has made system operability a breeze. The program monitors all 5,000 points in the system from two central workstations, and will alert us of any potential problems in the system. This pre-acted approach reduces the number of problems that we actually have occur within the system.”