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Government Palace

Brasilia, Brazil

The Brazilian government’s recently completed headquarters required the newest technology and control systems. ISAI Controles of San Pablo, Brazil, a KMC authorized installing contractor, together with ISAI of Montevideo, was contracted to install the new control systems. ISAI chose to install KMC products, because KMC was the most competitive bidder.

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Construction of the Government Palace is now complete. The cool water plant, fancoil, and air handling unit are integrated into the operating program. The temperature and lighting throughout the building is monitored and controlled from a central location using the KMC WinControl system, or through the portable NetView, plugged to any controller in the building.

The new system gathers information from 600 points throughout the building, and provides detailed information on the temperature, lighting control, and the monitoring of electrical variables at each location. These temperatures can be adjusted for each area of the building, allowing for maximum employee comfort, and energy cost savings.

Thanks to KMC, employees can count on a comfortable work environment. ISAI President, Ruben Rodriguez, spoke highly of the KMC system, especially in terms of the tight controls provided. “I have already received many thanks about the ease of use and comfort level the system provides.”