Lincoln, NE

One of the fastest growing companies, Molex, stands as number two in the electronics molded connectors industry. The company manufactures electronic, electrical, and fiber optic interconnection products and systems, as well as an assortment of switches and application tooling. The company is proud of the fact that they have earned 529 new patents and 339 new product families all in 2003.

The Molex manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Nebraska employs 500 dedicated workers. The building is composed of four different phases of additions that total approximately 476,000 square feet. The manufacturing floor is two stories to allow for larger machinery to produce the requested electrical products. The target market for Molex is very wide. Their parts are used by the biggest video game system makers, appliances, digital electronics, business and personal computers, mobile devices, plus many other items that use electrical wiring to function.

Some of the processes that make the intricate parts have to be produced in a controlled environment. To meet these challenges, Molex turned to Control Services, an authorized partner of KMC Controls. Control Services has been the contractor for the facility since its original construction in 1993. In turn, Control Services chose to use KMC products based on their dependability and value.

Mickey Schroeder of Control Services noted, “We originally decided to use KMC products because of their affordability. Now, we continue to install the products because Molex is satisfied with the backwards compatibility and the success of KMC products.”

Today, Randy Kaup, Molex’s Facility Maintenance Supervisor, continues to be pleased with the support that he receives from his KMC partner organization. “Controls Services has implemented bi-weekly site visits,” he says. “During these visits, they share their controls experience, suggest preventative maintenance measures, and assist with any corrective maintenance required. This welcome assistance is important due to the 24/7 production needs of the facility and process control required.”

“In the molding department, for example, the water needs to be at a certain temperature” explains Mr. Kaup. "We use KMC products which operate ball valves to control several different water temperatures available to the molding press operator to insure prescribed process control for optimized cycle time of our molded products".

KMC DDC controllers also help ensure predictable temperature and humidity in the production area, where variability would jeopardize product quality. The controllers work in conjunction with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and the air handling units to address these environmental concerns.

“We have done a number of things on our own, and employed a number of products, to ensure efficient production and energy savings,” concludes Randy Kaup. “But there is no doubt that KMC products and Control Services have contributed greatly toward these goals. It’s a partnership we plan to continue.”