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Clay Community Schools

Clay County, IN

The rural county is located in west-central Indiana approximately 15 miles east of Terra Haute. The small county is home to approximately 27,000 people, scattered throughout the rural landscape. Approximately 8,000 of the inhabitants live in the county’s largest town, Brazil.

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Spotted throughout the county are seven elementary and three secondary schools that create the Clay Community Schools. The homegrown students of the Northview High School’s marching band are well known for their successful state competitions, which they have spent the majority of the last 19 years ranked in the top four. All of the community schools contribute to the great education of the children in the 10 Clay County townships and the one surrounding township.

Four of the elementary schools, Forest Park, Van Buren, Staunton, and East Side are all equipped with products from KMC Controls. Tom Reberger, Clay Community’s Director of Building and Grounds, stated, “We initially installed KMC controls into a newly remodeled facility because of their reasonable bid. After the first installation, we continued to use KMC for subsequent jobs because of the great quality and ease-of-use of the products we previously experienced.”

The four elementary schools each operate their own systems individually. Each is equipped with two boilers and a chiller. In addition to controlling these units, KMC digital products are also controlling numerous air handling units, unit vents, fan coil units, and exhaust fans that are located in the restrooms and locker rooms.

WinControl® is installed as the operator interface in each of the four schools to command the controllers easily. Reberger was impressed with the versatility that the program offered. “After the software was installed, I wanted to add various features to help assist the maintenance department in adequately controlling the schools. The software was customized to meet our individual usage of the buildings. For example, we added set points to control dampers from freezing and to control handlers during temperature extremes.”

According to Dan Kokinda, from KMC’s satellite office in Indianapolis, “The main goal that the schools were looking for in installing KMC Controls was to add flexibility, reliability, and intuitive operation to improve the previous system. The new system allows for individual control and, with the help of WinControl, a precise scheduling of the controls for the day’s various events.”

Tom Reberger provided further evidence of the KMC system had helped him reach his goals: “The biggest benefit the schools have received from KMC Controls is the economy of operation, flexibility, and building scheduling. Considering we are a public school district, our schools are in use even after daily hours for various events. The controls are easily managed to allow us to schedule evening and weekend events, so we are not wasting valuable energy when no one is around.”