KMC Commander IoT & Automation Platform

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Connect IoT Devices and Sensors: Open & Scalable IoT Platform

Make the most of IoT technology with existing devices and sensors, then expand capabilities with new technologies. KMC Commander connects both legacy systems and modern equipment to the Internet—virtually anything that communicates over BACnet Ethernet, BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, SNMP, or Modbus TCP protocols. Plus, it easily scales from a single device to a portfolio of buildings.

Responsive User Interface

Using a modern UI built in HTML5, KMC Commander makes it easy to monitor an IoT network in real time from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. System technician or tenants can have visibility and control of an individualized dashboard, ensuring they see only the data that matters to them. By displaying key metrics on individual cards and dashboard elements, KMC Commander scales to fit any device, always showing relevant data responsively.


Any connected device with control capability can be set on a custom time-based schedule. Want the lights off at 8:00 p.m., along with an outside irrigation valve closed and the heating setpoint dropped to 65 degrees? No problem! With KMC Commander, controls are at your fingertips.


Interested in how much energy is being saved or what led to an alarm being triggered? Use Trends to gain visibility into individual devices, or multiple devices, with just a few clicks. Save the trend data to view later or add them to the Dashboard for quick reference. Plus view basic analytics like minimums, maximums, time-based averages, and more.

IoT Security: Built-in and Prioritized

KMC Commander uses leading IoT security technology and best practices—over a dozen, in fact, including the highlights below—to ensure the IoT platform is secure.

Push Communication

To servers or devices, KMC Commander initiates all communication links so nothing can tunnel in.

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted and communicated over SSL/TLS.

No Back Doors

There are no back doors built into KMC Commander installations, eliminating the threat of compromise-by-design.

As we set out to develop the KMC Commander IoT platform, we knew we needed partners. IoT is only as successful as your collaboration. That’s why KMC partnered with tech leaders Intel and Dell. As an Intel IoT Market Ready Solution, a Dell IoT Alliance Partner, and with a representative on Intel’s North American Board of Advisors, these relationships help shape the features of KMC Commander and the breadth and depth of its benefits and use cases.

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KMC Commander IoT Platform and Device Architecture