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Real Savings. Real Accurate.
Here’s Why:

We installed the KMC Airflow Management System in a large high school district located in California’s Central Valley. Here’s what happened:

  • 500 classrooms would realize 750,000 kWh in annual savings 1
  • 5x more accurate than the competition2
  • As-installed cost was as low as 1/3 of competing technology with virtually no annual maintenance3

1) Projected 2) Compared to industry leading thermal dispersion sensor for packaged rooftop unit 3) Compared to using thermal dispersion sensors that require field-mounted ducted intakes on outflow air dampers

Why Smarter Is Better

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The most accurate data for improved operations and maintenance

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Know with certainty that your facility has proper airflow

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Pinpoint operations maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs

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More comfort and productivity; better health and well-being outcomes

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Fulfill ASHRAE, local, and national building code requirements

You may qualify for federal/state funds for air quality improvements in your school.

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Meet the new benchmark for IAQ measurement

The best way to ensure a healthy, positive learning environment is to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Our Air Flow Management System:

  • uses best-in-class international standards
  • and best-in-class technology
  • to give you, and your students, faculty and staff A+ indoor air

KMC’s Trusted Partners

We’re proud to work with—and are a trusted partner of—some of the biggest names in the HVAC and building automation business.

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Better IAQ and Savings with KMC



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Low maintenance and low cost of ownership

Highly accurate, repeatable measurements

Automated Field Calibration

Integrated fault detection and diagnostics