KMC Converge Automation Software on Niagara

Automation Software Built on Niagara

KMC ConvergeTM is a collection of software modules used within Niagara to customize KMC BACnet® field devices and deploy KMC’s application library. This solution, compatible with Niagara4 and NiagaraAX, is ideal for configuring and programming your hardware in any Niagara workbench environment.

Inside KMC WorkbenchTM

KMC WorkbenchTM is a powerful software platform with all of the functionality and features of standard Niagara, plus the additional capabilities of KMC Converge, such as the KMC BACnet Module for directly configuring KMC BACnet controllers and application selection and deployment. KMC Converge can also be used for line or block programming offline, and includes an audit tool for capturing a controller’s configuration baseline and detecting changes over time.

Add-on to a Third-Party Workbench

KMC Converge works with any existing stand-alone or third-party Niagara workbench. So, with a simple add-on, you can have access to all of KMC’s configuration and deployment tools without the need for an additional workbench license.

Quick and Easy Mobile Graphics

To quickly set up web and mobile accessibility, we recommend adding the KMC Converge GFX responsive HTML5 mobile graphics package to easily customize a mobile-first interface for alarm consoles, schedules, histories, and more.