Building Controls

Industrial & PID Controls

The phrase “industrial controls” sometimes refers to industrial automation controls, which involve the use of information technologies and control systems including computers or robots to replace human beings in industrial manufacturing settings. Proportional-integral-derivative controllers, or PID controls, are often used in these systems to control setpoints.

While standard building management and automation systems do not involve controls for the manufacturing equipment itself, a building management system can still play an integral role in managing occupant comfort, air quality, and overall energy efficiency in the facility as a whole. They can also be integrated with and used to control PID controls in some environments.

Commercial Controls

Commercial controls, like building controls for offices, offer great return on investment. The sheer size of a commercial facility or campus, as well as the number of rooms, occupants, and unique business needs, offer a huge opportunity for a well-planned system to impact a business’s bottom line. For an exploration of the benefits of a commercial BAS and related case studies, see our Commercial solutions.