Energy Management

Energy Meters & Monitoring

Energy meters are designed for energy monitoring and recording power usage. Through our partners at ACI and Veris, KMC Controls provides energy meters to measure incoming power or energy consumption data, which is recorded with a high level of accuracy. Energy reductions can be tracked over time as more efficient practices and equipment are implemented.

Our partners’ meters can easily be installed in an existing electrical panel, and by networking these energy meters with a KMC building control system, a fully integrated electrical load management system can be crafted to promote efficiency across the facility.

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Environment & Zoning Controls

Environment controls can include HVAC controls, ventilation, and air quality. These kinds of environmental attributes are often managed through zoning controls, which allow multiple sensors and thermostats, located in individual zones or rooms, to control settings from a single HVAC unit. Zoning controls contribute to building efficiency by allowing temperature setback of unoccupied zones, preventing all zones from being over heated or cooled, and often reducing the number of furnace and air conditioner cycles, thereby extending the life of the equipment.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems reduce the use of artificial lighting through motion or occupancy sensors, schedules, and/or daylight harvesting louvers. Typically, lighting can be adjusted at the device location, such as in a classroom or office, or at a central computer station using specialized software like KMC TotalControl™.

The KMC Commander™ IoT solution is also an excellent option for bringing together virtually any system run by digital electronic controls, including lighting control systems, HVAC, security, refrigeration, and more. KMC Commander™ assimilates the data needed to make informed energy use decisions and presents them in an easy-to-read interface on any computer or smart device. It’s affordable for simple installations and effortlessly scales to meet the growing demands of any business.

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