KMC TotalControl Automation Software

Facility Management Automation Software

KMC TotalControl® is a software solution for providing locally-hosted, browser-based facility management. This solution collects, stores, and routes data between a building automation network and an operator interface or workstation. Viewing and controlling multiple systems on a single platform empowers facility managers to make smarter choices while proactively managing efficiency, comfort, and safety.

After setup with KMC TotalControl Design Studio, alarms, scheduling, trend logging, robust reports, and more can be managed simply and effectively from an Internet browser through the KMC TotalControl web portal. As security is a growing concern in web-based applications, KMC TotalControl is equipped to lock out tampering while allowing authorized operators to make changes.

KMC TotalControl is built on XML and the Microsoft® .NET Framework. TotalControl Design Studio combined with TotalControl Building Services for BACnet® are listed by BTL as an Advanced Operator Workstation.

Supported Protocols

  • BACnet IP
  • BACnet IP foreign device registration
  • BACnet broadcast management device (BBMD)
  • BACnet MS/TP connection through a BACnet router or building controller
  • KMDigital Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • OPC data acquisition client
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