Controlling Costs

In facility management, controlling costs is about managing energy. From HVAC and lighting, to restaurant freezers and coolers, a centralized building control system grants facility managers visibility to energy data, plus the fine control needed to continuously optimize energy use. Sophisticated building management software like KMC TotalControl™ or KMC Workbench tracks energy data points over time to empower facility managers with the information they need to make smart energy decisions.

Occupant Comfort

The comfort of guests is a primary concern in every branch of hospitality. A BMS with temperature control zones operated by separate thermostats from one HVAC system ensures no single room is overheated or overcooled, energy is managed wisely, and guests are comfortable.

Unique Facility Needs

Unique facilities often have unique needs that can be accommodated by a smart, customized building system setup. Das Dutchman Essenhaus, a restaurant, hotel, theater, and shopping complex in northern Indiana, has incorporated call buttons into the building management system across its sprawling eleven-building campus. These call buttons send signals to a programmable controller, which in turn sends a pager or email message alerting staff of the location needing attention. The Essenhaus also utilizes programmed controllers to supervise numerous holiday lights throughout its Country Inn during the Christmas season. While not standard operations within a building management system, these kinds of tasks are within reach with the help of a knowledgeable KMC partner.