The award-winning KMC FlexStatTM is a BACnet® advanced application controller and room sensor in a single, attractive package. It’s a flexible solution for stand-alone control and BACnet network challenges in any size commercial or industrial building.

FlexStat is available with multiple configurations of inputs and outputs, as well as built-in or custom programming, to ensure that a variety of application needs can be met. Temperature sensing is standard, with sensing options available for humidity, CO2, and motion. Our special ZEC (Zoning Equipment Controller) version of the FlexStat includes a polling routine to determine the heating or cooling needs of individual zone controllers, all without additional software.

The FlexStat features an on-board library of programs that permit a single model to be rapidly configured for a wide range of HVAC control applications. Thus, a single “one size fits all” FlexStat model can replace multiple competitor models.

FlexStat also provides the capability to customize the standard library of sequences using a KMC programming tool such as KMC Connect or KMC TotalControlTM. This enables a KMC partner to adapt the standard library to the unique site needs and application-specific requirements of a particular project.

FlexStat versions are available for multiple communication types, including BACnet over MS/TP, BACnet over Ethernet, BACnet over IP, and BACnet over IP as Foreign Device (for communication across the Internet).

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