Dell / Intel Collaboration

KMC’s Collaboration with Dell and Intel

We've worked closely with Dell and Intel to produce an IoT solution that is as versatile as the companies that will use it. Check out KMC Commander >>

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KMC is focused on building automation. We provide innovative, easy-to-use building management and automation solutions backed by dedicated and passionate employees. We bring you the best in building automation and control when it comes to:

  • Smart Devices and Sensors
  • Advanced Data Analytics and Visualization tools
  • Secure Cloud Connectivity
  • Mobile Insight, Control, and Management

Controlling Buildings Since 1969

From pneumatics to digital systems to cloud-based visualization and control, KMC has been designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art building control solutions in the USA for nearly 50 years. Our tightly integrated product development and manufacturing processes result in the most innovative and intuitive solutions on the market. Our leadership in quality and customer service means we deliver our solutions with unmatched responsiveness and support.

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Innovative and Intuitive Solutions, Responsive and Supportive People

KMC is committed to providing unique building controls solutions. Backed by a passionate team of industry experts, our goal is to provide easy solutions to make your buildings more comfortable and energy efficient.

Our Mission

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Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

KMC leads the industry in developing cutting-edge building automation and energy management technology. From IoT connectivity to energy dashboards to remote, cloud-based management and control, KMC has a solution to meet the needs of your building.

The KMC Advantage

The KMC Advantage

KMC's complete building control solutions are the best on the market because they are:



Seamless integration with existing infrastructure.


Industry-leading security from Intel®, Dell, and more.


Affordable for single buildings or enterprise applications.


We bring you the information and control you need, when and where you need it.

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Internet of Things

Traditional controls work on the Machine to Machine (M2M) connection model. It's functional, but far from elegant. The Internet of Things opens new doors for many software and hardware platforms to communicate with each other like never before. Learn how you can leverage the power of IoT in your building to take advantage of advanced sensing options, real-time data and analytics, customizable dashboards, and an unprecedented level of control.

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Rapid Mobile Deployment

KMC controls feature Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for fast and easy configuration using your mobile device. Configure your first controller, then use KMC Connect Lite™ to save a template and write to additional controllers for unmatched time and labour savings. The best part? NFC configuration works when the controller is unpowered and still inside the box!

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KMC Controls Pay for Themselves

KMC Controls Pay for Themselves

KMC's state-of-the-art solutions allow most building owners to recoup their install costs in one year. We make improving comfort, increasing productivity, and reducing wasted energy dollars a breeze.

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LEED & Energy Star
Schools K-12
Colleges & Universities
Government & Public

Our OEM Partners

For years our hardware has been re-branded by some of the biggest and most trusted names in the building control industry.

Lennox International
Nailor Industries Inc.
Bard Manufacturing Company
NexRev Inc.
Facility Solutions Group - Energy
Williams Applied Products


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