Building Control Software

Building control software collects, stores, and routes data between a building automation network and an operator interface or workstation. First, it collects data from hardware connected to the network, which might include sensors or monitors for temperature, humidity, motion, or CO2. The software then stores this data for logging and tracking purposes, and typically provides an interface for viewing the stored data, with varying degrees of customization available. Finally, the software pushes out pre-programmed settings to the networked controllers to proactively manage building conditions.


Building automation systems can use multiple communication protocols to exchange information. For instance, BACnet®, short for Building Automation and Control (BAC) networks, is designed exclusively for building control systems and is the most widely-used protocol. KMC employs a strict interpretation of the BACnet® Standard and we pride ourselves on how well our solutions communicate with other systems.

Niagara® is a software platform that utilizes an HTML framework to manage and control various systems and devices across a large number of manufacturers and communication protocols. KMC offers the KMC Converge™ Niagara application, as well as a variety of Tridium® JACE models and supporting applications to ensure that adding to a Niagara installation with KMC will be a fast, seamless experience.

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Building Control System Programming & Configuration

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Building control programming or configuration as performed by a system integrator can be done through line coding or block programming. Line coding has long been the industry standard, but can be difficult and time-consuming to learn, and is prone to human error. Block programming is comparatively easy to learn and provides a stronger safety net against human error, making it a better option for less experienced programmers.

In addition to line programming, KMC Controls offers block programming via the Control Basic Block editor, which provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to program BACnet® Controllers and is supported by control software including KMC Connect, KMC TotalControlTM and Niagara. Plus, the block programming can be converted to line code if necessary, though not the other way around. To learn more, check out our block programming blog post.

KMC Controls Building Automation & Configuration Software

At KMC Controls, our suite of building control software solutions is designed to be scalable to suit any size building and control network, and flexible, meeting virtually every possible combination of system protocol and user preference.

KMC Commander

KMC Commander is an IoT platform designed to help businesses affordably solve immediate problems while providing a long-term solution for their IoT strategy.

KMC Converge

KMC Converge is a software module used with Niagara Workbench to customize KMC BACnet hardware and deploy KMC’s
application library.

KMC Total Control

KMC TotalControl 4.0 Building Services applications are a combined software solution for providing facility management.

KMC Connect

KMC Connect is a full-featured configuration software tool for KMC BACnet® building automation system controllers.

KMC Connect Lite

KMC Connect Lite saves up to 75% of pre-commissioning labor by using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology on a smartphone to configure KMC Conquest controllers wirelessly.