Meet KMC CommanderTM

KMC Commander™ is an IoT platform designed to help you affordably solve immediate problems while providing a long-term solution for your business’s IoT strategy using relevant data in real time.

Monitor & Control Across Your Portfolio
This is your affordable solution for seamlessly connecting new or existing equipment to a building automation system. It easily scales to multiple locations and offers a simple, clean, responsive HTML5 interface.

Open API-Based Platform
Customize the software to meet your needs. KMC Commander’s open API offers infinite flexibility in implementation and control as you integrate the platform to your infrastructure.

Security-First Architecture
Security should never be an afterthought. KMC Commander uses over a dozen leading technologies and best practices to ensure your IoT platform is secure.

Intel Market Ready Solution
We’re forward-thinking. Our relationship with Intel helps shape the features of KMC Commander and the breadth and depth of its benefits and use cases.