Accuracy Cuts Costs

If your air handling system isn’t using our technology to ensure cleaner air, energy costs are streaming through your outflow air vents.

The KMC Airflow Measurement System is revolutionary technology that leverages data to deliver the smartest, most accurate and repeatable supply, outside and return airflow measurements. And it works on just about any type of air handling system.

Our patented characterized airflow performance technology is 5x more accurate than the competition, allowing you to save energy and cut costs.*

* Compared to industry leading thermal dispersion technology for packaged rooftop unit

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Clifford Milligan Kmc Vice President

Talk with an expert

Take advantage of a FREE 30-minute one-on-one with KMC VP, Clifford Milligan. He’ll offer practical insights and straightforward analysis to show you how and why measuring your IAQ most accurately will improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. This limited time offer has a $500 value.

Smart Indoor Air Quality Measurement


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The most accurate, repeatable measurements

Smart building-ready

Integrated fault detection & diagnostics

Automated commissioning & field calibration