Franklin School District

Franklin is located in Norfolk County, one of the original four counties of the Colony of Massachusetts in 1643. The town is now populated by approximately 33,000 residents. The community is located only 22 miles southwest of Boston. Thus, Franklin residents enjoy the assets of the nearby large city as well as the benefits of their quiet community.

Franklin’s residents require a strong school system for their future scholars. The community has a system of ten buildings that provide adequate learning atmospheres. With many buildings to look after and control the atmosphere in, Franklin School District turned to Automated Temperature Controls (ATC) for the expertise that was needed for the precise control. Steve Lussier of ATC noted that “We have been helping the school district change their control system over to KMC controls. KMC products have the needed capabilities that allow the school facilities’ workers to have total control of all the buildings’ functions.”

Michael Dangelo, the Director of Public Facilities for the town of Franklin, cares for the many buildings in the Franklin School District. “With all of the buildings within the district, it would be difficult to be at each location adjusting the controls individually. KMC gives me full management., I am able to control all of the buildings from the computer in my office.” He continues, “The full control of the building environments from my desktop has to be the biggest benefit we received from installing KMC products.” The district has retrofitted all of their pre-existing buildings with KMC parts, and the new facilities have been fully equipped with direct digital controls.

“I expect nothing but the best when it comes to KMC Controls,” explains Dangelo. “We have been installing KMC products for many years and using them in our new installations as we continue building throughout the town. I plan on using them in facilities other than the schools, such as our fire station because it is the one system that everyone can use.”