Jefferson City Correctional Center

The Jefferson City Correctional Center is capable of housing almost 2,000 maximum security inmates and provides support services for the Missouri Department of Corrections’ Central Region. As a marked contrast to the previous Missouri State Penitentiary – which had housed inmates since 1836 – the new facility provides for sophisticated environmental controls.

Jefferson City Correctional Center

The $112 million project consists of nineteen buildings totaling 670,000 square feet. Of these, seven are prototypical housing units plus one administrative segregation unit. A central support building and a multi-purpose building are also located within the 42-acre secure perimeter. The central support building includes dining, laundry, medical and dental, education, and recreation areas.

The administration building, warehouse, cook/chill facility, central plant, and a regional equipment depot are all located outside the fence. The cook/chill facility produces 30,000 meals daily to six other correctional facilities located within a 65-mile radius.

State correctional officers will make sure the inmates are under control, but the state of Missouri enlisted the help of Taycon Building Technologies, an authorized KMC partner, to help with the environmental control. They were chosen as the controls provider due to competitive pricing and a high-quality, long-term relationship with the mechanical contractors. KMC Controls provided the facility with a highly integrated system.

“This facility has integrated almost everything using KMC Controls,” said John McVey, President of Taycon Building Technologies. “The integration starts with the chillers and lighting, but we chose to include the fire alarms, smoke detectors, and other alarms. This accomplished the main goal of end-users’ ease-of-use and effectiveness.”

Using KMC Controllers along with the KMC OPC Server provided the Department of Defense with a single-source, cost-effective, control solution. These integrated systems could now be operated and maintained under one common front end.

Various KMC controllers have been installed. Also, KMC valves are used to control the hot and chilled water while KMC actuators control the air dampers. The facility also has an assortment of temperature sensors that provide precise and stable temperature sensing. Other installed controls include relays, pressure sensors, and many other labor-saving devices. The nineteen buildings and their controls are all conveniently monitored from one location.

While comfort is not necessarily defined as the top priority for such facilities, inmates and staff will experience the comfort and security of KMC Controls equipment as well as the benefits of the associated energy management.