Pinellas County’s Forensic and Medical Examiners Center

Forensic science has garnered quite a following in popular culture. Though the associated control system may never be featured in your favorite TV series, the Pinellas County Forensic and Medical Examiners Center is a noteworthy facility. The center, which replaced a 25-year-old facility, includes an administrative area for the medical examiner, an investigation unit, an autopsy/morgue complex, and a toxicology laboratory. County Commissioners focused on constructing a facility that provides the best environment for today’s users and flexibility for tomorrow.

Pinellas County's Forensic and Medical Examiners Center

The proven ability of KMC Controls to maintain predefined environmental conditions led management to select KMC products for the new center. Local KMC partner Automated Building Control Systems, Inc. (ABC) designed and installed the KMC system. ABC worked with KMC for a year and a half on the building control system.

“Designing and installing the control system was a welcome challenge, which we were able to meet with the KMC digital control system,” said Jody Byers, president of ABC. “Management has said many times how pleased they are with the KMC program running the building automation system.”

The most valued feature is the ability to integrate systems into one common user interface. The facility’s new HVAC system consists of two centrifugal chillers, five boilers, five VAV central air handling systems, a building pressurization system, and laboratory air valves for the fume hoods. ABC installed open protocol panels to interface with the generator, switchgear, AHU VFD’s, a body cooler monitoring panel, and a Carrier chiller DataPort interface.

The total construction cost was $12 million, with $200,000 invested in the control system. Management is firmly convinced it was money well spent. According to a representative from the center, “KMC and ABC together have provided us with the control solutions that we were looking for. Not only are we saving on energy costs, but the control program integrates systems into one user-friendly program.”