KMC Controls Announces Release of KMC Converge™ Niagara® Application

KMC Controls, a leader in building automation systems, today announced the release of its new KMC Converge™ Niagara® application and KMC Workbench. The application, featuring mobile-friendly HTML5 graphics (KMC Converge GFX™), can be licensed to any open workbench.

The release coincides with KMC’s launch of its new KMC Conquest™ line of BACnet® direct digital controllers and appliances designed to connect building automation systems to the Internet of Things (IoT). The new suite of products provides system integrators and building owners with open, scalable, secure building automation solutions from a single building to enterprise-level installations.

KMC Converge

Key selling points for KMC Converge include:

  • Converge and Converge GFX may be licensed to any open workbench.
  • Application Selection and Configuration allows a site to be built & configured offline.
  • Rapid Site Deployment automatically pairs offline configurations to network devices.
  • Continuous Commissioning Audit Tool saves a snapshot of the deployment for future comparison to original configuration.
  • Mobile-friendly HTML5 graphics remove dependencies on Java Applets for operators.

“KMC Converge offers our integrators an unprecedented set of time-saving tools for working within the Niagara framework,” said Mitch Kehler, Director of Sales. “KMC’s hardware has always performed well under a JACE, and our partners now have access to more powerful features and a mobile-friendly interface to really enhance the KMC/Niagara experience.”

Parties interested in attending either event, seeing the demonstration, and meeting with the development team may contact KMC Controls at

About KMC Controls

Founded in 1969, KMC Controls is an American manufacturer of open, secure and scalable building automation solutions. From secure hardware devices to smart and connected software, KMC delivers embedded intelligence and optimized control.

KMC is committed to providing industry-leading, Internet of Things-enabled automation solutions with leading tech suppliers to increase comfort and convenience and to help reduce energy usage.

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