KMC Controls invests in its manufacturing future

KMC Controls invests in its manufacturing future,

NEW PARIS, IN, JULY 12, 2022 – KMC Controls®, a leader in the building automation and controls industry, has invested in its production process with a powerful and versatile addition.

KMC designs and manufactures a wide range of building automation products all under the same roof in its Northern Indiana headquarters. At the heart of many of these devices are printed circuit boards.

The new Ersa Versaflow 335 selective soldering machine (SSM) uses less solder and improves the reliability of solder joints used on circuit boards while cutting down on the time it takes to complete them compared to the widely used wave solder process.

In the wave solder method, a circuit board is moved on a conveyor belt through a wave of molten solder that flows through holes and around pins to make solder joints. This method is often used for components that are in close proximity, but it in some instances the solder may not have sufficient clearance to be applied evenly to each joint.

In contrast, an SSM targets individual joints sequentially across a circuit board. Not only does this use less solder and flux than wave soldering, it prevents heat damage to adjacent areas that can result from the application of molten solder across a large area. With the SSM, there is no need to prepare each circuit board with glue and solder masks, as must be done with wave soldering, which reduces overall production time.

The SSM is just the latest example of KMC Controls’ commitment to innovation and continuous improvement to better serve its customers now and in the future.

“The new selective solder machine will increase the accuracy of making solder connections while reducing the amount of time, energy and materials it takes to produce high-quality circuit boards,” said Mitch Kehler, CEO of KMC Controls. “That translates into an improved capacity to fulfill orders and keep our commitments to customers.”

“In the short term, the new soldering system will help us fill existing orders delayed by global supply chain issues,” said Kehler.  “In the long term, the SSM will help us return to the Just-in-Time manufacturing KMC Controls is known for.”

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