HVAC – The Patents that Made Us: A History of American Innovation in Building Automation

Heat and humidity affect more than just your hairstyle for the day. It can become an issue of life or death when important medical equipment or products are exposed to inaccurate heat and humidity. If you or a loved one has ever depended upon the reliability of medical equipment or products, then you understand the importance of keeping such instruments in good working order.  

Not only do heat and humidity play an important part in our modern lives, but inconsistent voltage levels do too. They can mean the difference between being ready for a big meeting and having to explain to your boss why your computer lost power before you could save the presentation. Inconsistent voltage levels can affect equipment by causing them to reset and operate inconsistently.  

What do heat, humidity, and electrical voltage have in common? Today, they can be controlled at the push of a button or swipe of a screen through modern building automation, thanks in large part to the ingenuity of Americans like you.  

At KMC, we are Building Geniuses®, not just because we know building automation inside and out but also because we want to inspire the next generation of problem solvers. All it takes is one person to respond to a need to set off a cascade of innovation that could be felt for generations to come. 

With web-based digital connectivity quickly becoming the norm for facility management in America, we want to celebrate the milestones that got us to this point. KMC stands on the shoulders of great American inventors who saw problems needing solutions. Perhaps their stories will inspire you to join the next generation of Building Geniuses®.

In our new multi-part blog series, “The Patents that Made Us: A History of American Innovation in Building Automation,” we will explore some of the great men and women whose legacies paved the way for companies like KMC to turn building automation dreams into reality. Their accomplishments range from laying the foundations of HVAC to electricity, connectivity, and automated security.

Their stories span the past two hundred years, addressing problems like yellow fever, WWII torpedo security, and the caffeine habits of graduate students. Railroad workers and school superintendents, immigrants and actresses—these tenacious Americans found innovative and intuitive solutions. Their efforts resulted in the creation of unique technology that still affects us today.

In fact, following their example, the engineers at KMC have created numerous unique patents of their own, expanding and improving industry standards in building automation. Creative and passionate people have always been the heart of KMC. 

KMC Controls is an independent and family-owned manufacturer of turn-key solutions based in New Paris, Indiana. For the last fifty years, KMC Controls has remained dedicated to the American ideals of quality and innovation, focusing on intuitive solutions created by responsive and supportive people.  

To learn more about KMC Controls, visit https://www.kmccontrols.com/. Join us for the next seven weeks as we learn more about these unsung heroes in “The Patents that Made Us: A History of American Innovation in Building Automation.”

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