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100 North Tampa Building

October 30, 2018

KMC makes it easy for building owners to offer intuitive reports or to compile data that satisfies the demand for building performance reports.

Intel – IDC 9

October 30, 2018

Because of Tempmaster, KMC, and the rest of the green team, IDC 9 is hailed as one of the greenest design centers in the world and has set a new standard for Intel R&D buildings.

Kuwait Oil Company Headquarters

October 30, 2018

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), a subsidiary of state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, is universally recognized as one of the world’s top oil energy producing enterprises.

Nationwide Insurance Company

October 31, 2018

For Nationwide, the promise of reduced energy costs and better control of the HVAC system through automation prompted a facility upgrade.

The Bullitt Center

October 30, 2018

The Bullitt Center incorporates so many state-of-the-art environmental and sustainability features that new city ordinances had to be drafted to accommodate them.

Wells Fargo Center

October 30, 2018

Since the retrofit installation, the Wachovia Bank Building owners and tenants have realized a 10% average energy savings each month over previous energy bills.

What are Benefits of a BAS?

September 17, 2015
A Building Automation System (BAS) can provide many benefits for you, such as higher energy efficiency, lower operating and maintenance... Read more »