Choosing a SimplyVAV model

The SimplyVAV series of controllers is an easy and unique approach to operating a wide variety of VAV terminal units. With integrated actuators, internal airflow sensors, and an array of application programs – these BACnet Application Specific controllers are ideal for either new or retrofit installs.

The controllers feature simple, menu-driven setup choices when used with a SimplyVAV digital sensor – no special programming skills or software required. All options can be set by using a STE-8001 sensor, which can be installed as a permanent room sensor or temporarily connected as a technician’s service tool. All Simply VAV models are preprogrammed for specific applications and are ready to connect to a BACnet MS/TP network.

Let’s look at our different models and what applications each should be used for. It is critical to choose the correct model as they are pre-programmed for specific applications and cannot be configured. There are four unique models in the SimplyVAV family: the BAC-8001, the BAC-8005, the BAC-8205 and the BAC-8007.

Let’s start with the base model, the BAC-8001. This controller is designed for a single-duct heating and cooling VAV. It is equipped with automatic heating / cooling changeover, morning warmup, optional occupancy setback with our STE-8201 digital sensors, as well as diagnostics and airflow balancing.

The BAC-8005 includes all the features in the BAC-8001 with the additional functions of modulating, floating, time proportional, and staged reheat, as well as series and parallel fan control. It also includes discharge air temperature limiting.

The BAC-8205, is our most popular model, since it covers all single-duct applications and provides actuator positioning feedback. This allows you to always know just how that damper is positioned.

Last but not least, the BAC-8007 is designed specifically for dual-duct VAV heating and cooling. This model must be paired with a TSP-8001, a secondary actuator for dual-duct installations. All of the programming and sequences are built right into the BAC-8007. Simply connect inputs and outputs between the controllers without any field programming required.

With models to suit all your needs, take what you need and leave what you don’t… that’s how simple SimplyVAV really is!

For more information about our Simply VAV product line, check out our video series.