CSP-4702: A Multipurpose Controller-Actuator

By: Jason D. Mills, Director of Marketing and Communications

Looking for a controller-actuator for a pressure-independent VAV terminal unit? The KMC CSP-4702 is just what you need – a compact analog electronic combination controller-actuator. This multipurpose device can also be used as an electronic static pressure bypass controller for air handler or roof top units.

The CSP-4702 offers full-range flow control of VAV terminal units when used with the KMC CTE-5202 electronic room thermostat. Air flow control limits may be set at the thermostat or internal to the CSP-4702. An adjustable mechanical stop is also included.

An onboard digital CMOS differential pressure sensor – internally linearized and temperature compensated – gives you high accuracy down to very low pressures.

The CSP-4702‘s “anti-jitter” circuitry significantly reduces hunting and needless wear on the actuator and damper components, caused by unnecessary minuscule position changes due to undamped analog input signals. It also provides a 16 VDC output supply to power the thermostat and a 1 to 5 VDC voltage output that is proportional to the sensed differential pressure.

The CSP-4702 mounts directly to 1/4- to 5/8-inch round shafts or 1/4- to 7/16-inch square shafts, so no need for expensive and complicated linkages. Though, if you need it, KMC does offer the HLO-4001 crank arm, when you just can’t mount it directly. A non-rotation bracket, to prevent lateral movement, is included. For setup and troubleshooting, internal status LEDs indicate green for opening and red for closing. Factory-set clockwise rotation-to-close can be reversed by changing a jumper position. A gear disengagement button allows easy manual positioning of the actuator.

For more information on the many uses of the CSP-4702 Analog Differential-Pressure VAV Controller/Actuator, check out the online documents for the device.