How KMC TotalControl is adapting to HTML5


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TotalControl® is a software-based, internet-accessible facilities management solution for building automation systems. It is a flexible platform that provides multiple deployment possibilities ranging from single buildings to enterprise-wide systems with connections to multiple buildings and locations. Among many other features, users can view reports, manage alarms, set schedules, view trend data, and create custom graphic pages.

Total Control

Historically, TotalControl was built on Adobe Flash Player. Several years ago, we started rebuilding TotalControl on HTML5. When we released TotalControl 4.5, we officially added the ability to publish web pages built on HTML5 browser technology. In TotalControl 4.5, all web pages that are published are created to support both HTML5 and Flash rendering. However, that won’t last for long.

Effective January 12, 2021, Adobe blocked Flash Player from running. This change was implemented automatically on all PCs that were connected to the internet and had automatic updates enabled.

This means that Adobe Flash player has officially reached its end of life. That means no more Flash Player updates or security patches. Adobe will prompt users who haven’t done so already, to strongly recommend that all users immediately uninstall Flash Player. Major browser vendors have also disabled Flash Player from running.


What does this mean to you?

If you’re already using the HTML5 version of TotalControl, nothing. If not, however, we are committed to make a smooth transition for those users that require Flash support.


How are we doing this?

Well, in our next release of TotalControl, we are introducing a new feature called Legacy Publishing. This will support pages to be published in both Flash and HTML5, while the standard publishing option will only generate HTML5 based rendering. This legacy publishing option will allow users to publish their pages to Flash, while allowing for new HTML5 elements to be introduced in our standard publishing mechanism.


How long will Flash (Legacy) publishing be supported?

Flash based publishing will be supported throughout 2021 but will become unavailable in 2022.

As we look forward, we will be adding new elements and features to our standard publishing (HTML5) but these items will not be available to be used in Legacy Publishing. I’m excited about adding new features and options to our existing graphical building tools and looking forward to seeing all the creative, inventive ways our partners leverage these new elements and tools.