KMC and Niagara programming join together in KMC Converge™

AHR 2017 KMC Controls demonstrationKMC Converge™ is a set of Niagara4 modules that create a robust toolset for any Niagara workbench application. Tools within KMC Converge are integrated into Niagara modules and files that can be used with any standard workbench application, making programming KMC BACnet devices easy and intuitive. KMC Controls’ unique implementation of extending virtual based objects to access embedded programming within the device makes configuration and editing of programs seamless with the workbench client application.  Learn more about the amazing features of recent upgrades to this state-of-the-art solution and see how to leverage the KMC Converge toolset in a third party workbench by watching this video.


The KMC Converge toolset modules:

KMC Converge Module: Containing extensive device application libraries, embedded Niagara deployment plugins, fingerprinting, baseline/audit features, the KMC Converge module has it all! Check out the video to see how you can start using KMC Converge today.
KMD Translator: Have an old KMDigital system? The KMD-5551E Translator can convert KMD data to BACnet! If you have a Niagara system in place, you can use the KMD Translator module to license the KMD-5551E within Niagara. Check out all the details in the video.
KMC BACnet Module: The KMC BACnet Module is the workhorse of the KMC Converge toolset. The KMC BACnet Module’s unique design architecture leverages virtual gateways, device knowledge base files, embedded JAVA compilers, and BACnet proprietary properties as an embedded program in Niagara – no additional software is required. This means you can program, monitor, edit, tune, commission, and do so much more using only workbench. To learn more, watch the video.
KMC Converge GFX™: KMC Converge GFX™ makes creating HTML5based responsive graphics easy and configurable. Use KMC Converge GFX to create responsive graphics for desktop, tablet, and mobile applications. KMC Converge GFX is a service inside your Niagara-based station that can be configured for KMC and third party devices. Setup tools and page generation are all built within standard Niagara plug-ins, so you don’t need additional software. To learn more, check out the video.


Recent Upgrades:

Router Diagnostic Views: Taking advantage of the powerful KMC BACnet Module, KMC has added Niagara workbench views like those in our popular BAC-5051E router. These views allow you to see device status, MS/TP metrics, and perform MS/TP network captures. Watch the video to learn more about these new features.
KMC Information Service: The KMC Information service is a Niagara service that provides KMC Converge toolset users with critical details about their Niagara system. This service can save time in troubleshooting and gives users all the information they need to know about their KMC Converge setup. Want to see how it works? Watch the video to find out more.
Modules Code Signed: All of KMC’s Niagara4 modules have digital signatures extending from a certificate authority (CA). Using a certificate authority for signing means that you don’t have to worry about code tampering. Most operating systems will be pre-configured with our CA’s root certificate. This means you don’t have to import any certificates to take advantage of our code- signed modules.