KMC Conquest: NetSensor Passwords

The KMC Conquest Airflow Measurement System

Building wellness, and indoor air quality assurance is the current industry focus. It can be difficult to balance high system performance and energy efficiency. The KMC Conquest Airflow Measurement System was developed to provide accurate and reliable supply, outside, and return airflow measurements and can be applied to nearly any equipment type, from small, packaged rooftops to large built-up air handlers. In this tutorial, we’ll show how to connect an STE-9000 Series NetSensor to the controller and give a basic overview of how to navigate the menus for the AFMS.

Navigating NetSensor Menus

To set up the NetSensor, plug it into the KMC Conquest AFMS controller via Ethernet. Once the NetSensor is plugged into a powered AFMS controller, the first thing that will appear is the Home display. The upper half of the display shows the current damper position and supply fan CFM on rotation. The lower half shows the outdoor air temperature. The interface features a simple THREE-button format: Up, Down, and Enter. Pressing the Enter button repeatedly scrolls through the various Level ONE menu items. While viewing a menu item, pressing the Up or Down buttons changes the setting, and pressing the Enter button saves the new setting and continues to the next item.

Setting NetSensor Passwords

Beyond Home, the menus are divided into TWO levels of security. Level ONE menus are for controlling operational modes and for monitoring system diagnostics and fault detection. Level TWO menus are for configuring the communication and system parameters, and for optionally changing advanced system setpoints. On initial powerup, the NetSensor has no password set for Level ONE and a pre-set password for Level TWO. At the end of this video, we’ll show you how set a Level ONE password, if desired, and how to change the default Level TWO password. To access Level ONE, firmly press Enter once. If you’ve set a Level ONE password you will be prompted at to enter it. Level ONE has THREE menu modes: Command, Temps, and Status. To get to MENU, press the Enter button repeatedly until you see the MENU screen. Next, press Up or Down to select Command, Temps, or Status. Then, firmly press Enter to make your selection and return to the Home display. When you access Level ONE again, you will bein the selected menu. To access Level TWO, press and hold Up and Down simultaneously for about SIX seconds. Enter the default Level TWO password, then hit Enter. Configuration appears on the screen. To set new Level ONE and Level TWO passwords, follow these steps:

First, press Enter to go into the Configuration menu. Next, scroll up to Advanced, then press Enter. Use the Up, Down, and Enter buttons to set Level ONE and Level TWO passwords.

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