KMC Conquest NetSensors: Keeping Things Flexible

Like a good personal trainer, we like to keep things flexible. Our KMC Conquest line of BACnet advanced application digital controllers and sensors provides superior flexibility, with a variety of integrated features that make for powerful edge devices in the smart building ecosystem.

NetSensors: Digital Space Temperature Sensors

One key piece of the line is our wall-mounted digital space temperature sensors designed for use with KMC Conquest controllers: the STE-9000 series NetSensors.

NetSensor Header

All NetSensors in the series include temperature sensors with options for humidity, motion and CO2 sensors, allowing for expanded energy-efficient control of humidity, temperature, lighting and ventilation. That’s up to four sensors in a single package, which minimizes labor, wiring, and wall space.

The NetSensor is also convenient for occupants, with a user-friendly three-button integrated interface for simple system viewing and adjusting. The upper LCD display shows room temperature and setpoints, while the lower display shows local time and can be enabled to rotate between relative humidity, CO2 ppm, and outside air temperature, depending on the model. Both displays can be configured to show any controller default or calculated analog or binary values, such as airflow or energy consumption, and you can show multiple values in rotation. You can configure up to 32 additional command points for user control and monitoring of a connected system, such as lighting, fan or AHU control.

It’s secure, too, allowing you to set two separate passwords: one for adjusting setpoints and one for configuring, commissioning and balancing.

Installation Options

Installation is easy, with a simple modular jack connection using standard Ethernet patch cables.

In addition to permanent installation, you can also install it temporarily as a service tool. Say you have an STE-6000 temperature sensor in place and you need to adjust the controller on the fly. Simply pop off STE-6000 sensor, plug in the NetSensor, make your adjustments through the menus, unplug, and place the STE-6000 back… it’s that simple. You can also commission controllers without software, configure communication and application settings, and balance VAV air flow.

And using an HPO-9001 NetSensor distribution module allows up to eight NetSensors to be linked to a single controller. The module also allows one STE-6000 series analog temperature sensor to connect to up to seven NetSensors.

To learn more about NetSensors and the rest of our KMC Conquest products, check out our KMC Conquest video series.

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