KMC TotalControl® Now Offers More Power and Flexibility

TotalcCntrol User InterfaceThe recent release of KMC TotalControl® version offers even more power and flexibility. TotalControl is an HTML5 browser-based software solution for facility management. TotalControl includes a flexible set of services to collect, route, and store data for a fully customizable operator user interface. TotalControl’s programming environment – Design Studio – is a powerful and easy-to-use configuration tool for BACnet and KMD Systems.

What’s new?

Object Reference Formatting: By enabling object reference formatting, you can easily find and preview object references in your control basic programs. Along with name formatting, we have also added the ability to easily convert code between name and mnemonic formats. Now converting your code is as simple as a push of a button. We’ve also expanded tooltip data, code format styles, colors, fonts and much more. To learn more, click here to watch our video about Software Options or click here watch our video about Name Switching.
Drag/Drop Programming: With our new drag-and-drop programming, you can create code by clicking and dragging object references directly into your new and existing Control Basic programs. This feature is extremely helpful when either writing code or updating existing code. To see it in action, click here.
Scheduled Device Backups: Scheduled device backups allow you to back up devices in various formats, such as BACnet and BND. These backups can run on-demand or can be scheduled to run in the background. In this release, we have expanded scheduled device backup support to include KMDigital (KMD) devices.
Object Locate: If you are a multitasker, pay close attention here! The Object Locate feature is an amazing new feature that will save you time on every job – from servicing to programming to commissioning. This feature will locate objects, devices, programs, variables, inputs, outputs, event enrollments, and so much more. Once you start using the Object Locate feature, you will ask yourself how you ever found objects before. Watch our video to check out how it works.
HTML5 Web Pages: With KMC’s TotalControl Web Portal, you can publish new and existing pages to HTML5! This allows of page viewing across a wide range of devices and web browsers. If you still need to publish to Flash, we’ve created a Legacy Publish option in the software that allows Flash based page publishing. KMC is excited to provide this feature, which allows you to leverage your existing time investment in web page creation and expand into more modern and robust HTML5based features.