Quickly Configure with KMC Connect

Quickly Configure with KMC Connect

Looking to quickly configure KMC BACnet controllers and sensors? KMC Connect is our configuration tool with a variety of time-saving features.

You can build jobs offline and then deploy them on-site with a single click. KMC Connect Wizards allow you to quickly and easily configure alarms, schedules, and trends on native BACnet devices. The software includes an extensive library of hundreds of HVAC applications with preconfigured set-ups for KMC controllers along with the accompanying documentation. Let’s take a look at a handful of the specific wizards and applications:

  • Application Library: Choose, customize, and deploy applications to KMC Conquest controllers for VAV, air handlers, roof top units, and heat pumps.
  •  Audit: Captures a baseline of the controller configuration and then detects changes to that configuration.
  • VAV balancing: Easy software alternative to using a digital sensor to balance SimplyVAV BAC-8000 or KMC Conquest BAC-9000 series VAV controllers.
  • Alarms: Set up alarms with custom email messages in one, or multiple, objects.
  • Trends: Configures trend logs. It supports intrinsic, algorithmic, COV, and PC based trends.
  • Input Wizard: sets up properties for analog and binary input objects in Conquest controllers.
  • Output Wizard: sets up properties for analog output objects.

Also, with KMC Connect, you can use line or block programming.

To connect KMC Connect to your building automation system you can connect to BACnet IP, BACnet ethernet or BACnet MSTP via a BAC-5051E router.

For more information on KMC Connect, check out our video series.