Realizing True Smart Building Power with KMC Commander and CopperTree Analytics 

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What is more important than making sure our customers are taken care of? The best way to do so is to acquire all of the data we can and to use it in the most effective manner possible. What KMC Commander brings to the table is a whole new slew of options to bring building data to the cloud, and ultimately at your disposal. As part of our strategy, KMC Commander partners with industry leaders around a number of different disciplines, including building analytics. 

We are excited to announce our latest partner, CopperTree Analytics. Through its Software-as-a-Service platform, Kaizen, CopperTree again and again has demonstrated amazing competence and professionalism, as well as a very keen and present awareness of the needs in our industry. With top tier technology, they provide system integrators and end users alike the ability to see what’s actually going on in the building. They are a great addition to the KMC Commander ecosystem. 

As many of our partners know, KMC Commander can easily be layered on top of an existing building automation system, and ingest data over BACnet, Modbus, and SMMP. Once the data is brought in, we normalize and tag the data using Project Haystack tagging. From there you’re able to create dashboards, configure schedules, view trends of all your data, and get alarms via text and email to a single person or an entire group of users. 

Now with data points tagged, dashboards created, and topologies set up, you can now begin sending data to CopperTree over our cloud-to-cloud API integration. From there, CopperTree provides the latest and greatest in terms of ASHRAE standards-based alarming, fast trend analysis, detailed energy reporting, and much more. 

We’ve said it many times, and we’ll continue to say it: collaboration is the only way forward as we begin to realize all the benefits and promises Smart Buildings and IoT have to offer. Partnering with CopperTree is a natural extension of the strategy, and continues to demonstrate KMC’s ability to link arms with industry experts to bring system integrators and end users the exact combination of solutions they want and need. 

Many KMC system integrators already use CopperTree and are looking forward to the convenience the API integration gives them as they continue to build out their service agreements and best serve their customers. 

In one of our pilot projects, KMC Commander was already installed in a medical facility. This project has been running for about two years. With the use of the API, we were able to integrate into CopperTree all the building’s data in as little as a week. Shortly after this integration, CopperTree was able to identify $3,200 worth of savings from two systems running simultaneously. Is very exciting to see how quickly analytics, when applied to a building, can provide truly actionable insights in such a short period of time. That integrator was then able to approach the end customer, identify the things that needed to be done to save energy and resources, and was able to remedy the solution in a couple short weeks. 

To learn more about KMC Commander, check out our YouTube playlist demonstrating all the features and benefits of the Intel Market Ready Solution. To learn more about CopperTree Analytics, visit their website at or learn more through their YouTube channel. You’re ready to understand the benefits of an IoT for your building, and we are ready to help!