Small but Mighty: the BAC-5051E Router

Here at KMC, we make a product so powerful, yet so compact that we suggest every control tech keep one in their kit. The BAC-5051E is our multi-port BACnet router. This compact router is designed to handle heavy network traffic, yet remains small enough to carry as a service tool.

BACnet® Routing & Configuration

For BACnet routing, the BAC-5051E has two ports that can be set for normal BACnet IP network routing, BACnet broadcast management with network and port address translation, foreign device registration with BACnet broadcast management devices, BBMD and PAD, or packet assembling/disassembling, routing. It also has one BACnet Ethernet port and one MS/TP port.

Another convenient feature is the ability to configure the BAC-5051E using only an Internet browser. This means you have no special software to load or to learn. You can save the configuration as a file to your PC, allowing you to upload the file to other routers to save time. Also, firmware updates through the web.

KMC BAC 5051E RouterTech Tool or Permanent Mount

This versatile device can be permanently installed, or used as a handy tech tool. For permanent mounting, you have two options – DIN rails or a surface mount.

When using the router as a tech tool, the router is temporarily connected to the BACnet network either to access the router diagnostics and utilities, or to connect a PC-based service tool to the network. The single-cable connection conveniently connects the router to a computer with a USB cable that supplies both power and communications. The USB port becomes a virtual network interface card and establishes a network between the computer and the router.

With the tech tool features enabled, the router automatically learns networks, and detects and configures routing for those networks – ideal for saving time.

Integrated Network Diagnostics

The BAC-5051E comes with integrated network diagnostics. This gives you access to frame counts, frames in error, data frames, duplicate MAC addresses, poll-for-master count, and two of the most widely-used diagnostics – device status and token use. The Device Status page is a color-coded status display of network devices, which quickly highlights what is working smoothly and any potential problems. The token use page is a dynamic display of token passing on the network, with devices color-coded to show the speed of the token passing to help identify any communication issues.

Also under Diagnostics is the MS/TP Capture tab. This feature allows you to monitor and save the BACnet traffic on the MS/TP network. You can save this data in a standard format to analyze with a network analysis program.

Airflow Balancing Tool

The router can be used as a convenient airflow balancing tool, with features for balancing, configuring and commanding airflow in SimplyVAV and Conquest VAV controllers.

Learn More about BAC-5051E

We’ve created a video playlist for those looking to learn more on the BAC-5051E router and its features found here. For more information and documentation, click here.