TotalControl – Flexible, Scalable Facilities Management Software from KMC Controls

KMC Total ControlBy: Brad Green, Product Manager, and Jason D. Mills, Director of Marketing and Communications

Are you tired of managing multiple systems for your facilities management needs? Look no further than KMC Controls’ TotalControl. The browser-based solution is designed with a flexible set of services that provide data routing between a building automation system and an operator interface or workstation. TotalControl’s dedicated service-based model allows for seamless scaling from small to large systems, making it the perfect solution for any size facility.

Recently, KMC conducted an in-depth study of a large deployment of TotalControl to assess its capabilities. The deployment was implemented in a county-wide school district and was used for all of its building facility management. The school district had a variety of controllers from different eras, and TotalControl was installed on a single machine that hosted both the application and the SQL server database. This resulted in a single software purchase with no annual maintenance fees.

TotalControl aggregates data for trends and alarms from the school district’s network of buildings. The software handles a vast amount of data, including more than 335 million records for trend data and more than 1.35 million objects. The device network includes BACnet and KMDigital hardware and consists of more than 10,000 devices. TotalControl manages these devices and provides trending, alarming, scheduling, backups, and more. It also presents users with web pages for their buildings, totaling 7,896 pages.

KMC continuously updates TotalControl to keep up with customer needs. Recent updates include support for HTML5 web browsers and service driver updates to accommodate hardware from the 1990s. This ensures TotalControl can deliver results for customers for decades to come.

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