Baldwin Child and Adolescent Health Center

Baldwin Child and Adolescent Health Center,Baldwin, MI

Executive Summary

Baldwin 1KMC Commander is an IoT platform designed to help businesses affordably solve immediate problems while providing a long-term solution for future development. The Baldwin Child and Adolescent Health Center in Baldwin, Mich., previously used an aging VVT HVAC system, a type notorious for being neither efficient nor consistent. They needed an update, and with a VVT retrofit topped off with KMC Commander, the clinic gained new efficiency, comfort and control.

The Problem: Critical Storage

Baldwin 2The Baldwin Child and Adolescent Heath Center is part of the Baldwin Family Health Care program. This facility, connected to Baldwin Elementary School, specializes in treatment of children and young adults in the community aged five to 21 and offers comprehensive health care services, including dental and behavioral health, all located close to its youngest patients. The clinic‘s HVAC system had aged out, resulting in uncomfortable quarters for its staff and patients. To solve the HVAC issues, the clinic was looking to perform a VVT retrofit on its existing system, as well as adding the benefits of a building automation system to trend, schedule and alarm the system remotely. This would also give the clinic the opportunity to monitor the status of specialized medical equipment, including its vaccine cooler. Due to the nature of a medical facility, the Health Center had one primary concern: thanks to the sensitive nature of personal health records, HIPAA rules required the clinic’s IT system remained distinct from any outside IT system, including the adjoining school.

The Solution: KMC Commander

Working with Renshaw Electric out of Traverse City, KMC Controls performed a VVT retrofit on the clinic’s HVAC system. Using KMC’s SimplyVAVTM controllers, FlexStatTM zoning equipment controllers and a Netsensor® for each room, the clinic’s existing 5-ton, 4-zone package rooftop unit could be brought up-to-date without the expense of replacing the entire mechanical system. With the upgrade, the system was connected to the cloud with KMC’s IoT platform, KMC Commander. This gave the clinic control to track and monitor each of the four zones independently, from any location, on any device with internet access. Above and beyond controlling the HVAC system, the clinic can also now connect a medicine cooler, backup generator, medical air compressor and fire alarm to KMC Commander.