KMC Controls Announces Internet of Things Strategy Summits

KMC Controls, a leader in building automation systems, announced today that it will be hosting a series of dynamic Internet of Things (IoT) strategy summits in major U.S. metropolitan markets in conjunction with Dell, Intel®, and regional integration partners in early 2016.

The exclusive, invitation-only events will take place in the following cities:

  • New York, New York
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • San Francisco, California
  • Los Angeles, California

Executives, developers, and key project leads from each partner organization will be in attendance to present the latest information on emerging technologies, advanced data aggregation, analytics, and visualization tools, and new business opportunities presented by the rapidly-growing category of IoT devices and services. Additionally, the state-of-the-art technology is opening up entirely new possibilities for energy management, preventative maintenance, and increasing the safety, comfort, and productivity of building occupants.

KMC’s IoT offering, the award-winning KMC Commander™ platform, forms an end-to-end solution, from sensors and controllers (edge devices) to cloud-based remote management applications. Remote visualization and control are enabled via a cloud-hosted, mobile application based architecture with secure data access.

“KMC Commander will revolutionize the way buildings and building portfolios are managed,” Richard Newberry, strategic advisor to KMC’s board of directors said. “IoT connectivity is the future of the building automation industry, and KMC Commander is the only IoT solution designed from the ground up to meet the demands of this market.”

KMC launched the Commander platform at the AHR Expo in January 2016. The company will be exhibiting its new technology at each summit.

For additional information, or to speak with the Commander development team, visit today.

About KMC Controls

Founded in 1969, KMC Controls is an American manufacturer of open, secure, and scalable building automation solutions. From secure hardware devices to smart and connected software, KMC delivers embedded intelligence and optimized control.

KMC is committed to providing industry-leading Internet of Things-enabled automation solutions with leading tech suppliers to increase comfort, convenience and help reduce energy usage.

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