Relay: Reheat, 0-6VDC Input

KMC REE-4001 relay modules are designed primarily for use with VAV terminal units in HVAC systems. When used with CTE series room thermostats, up to three stag­es of reheat may be controlled. They may also be controlled by a 0 to 10 VDC output from a DDC or analog controller.

Each triac output circuit is capable of handling contactors of up to 10 VA @ 24 VAC. The three circuits are calibrated to actuate at equally spaced intervals across the thermostat’s proportional band.

By using the REE-4001, the heating requirements of a particular VAV terminal may be actuated in three separate steps affording more precise temperature control. KMC REE-4001 Relay Modules are primarily intended for use with the following thermostat models:

  • CEE-1103
  • CTE-1004
  • CTE-1103
  • CTE-5002/5012
  • CTE-5202

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