FlexStat Now Available with CO2 Sensing & IP Connectivity

Monday, December 12, 2011 - New Paris, IN

FlexStat represents a line of integrated BACnet controllers and sensors from KMC Controls.  It has gained significant market share and can be used for(1)  standalone control of common mechanical equipment (through built-in programming), (2) small building automation, or (3) as part of a larger BACnet network.

KMC Controls has now introduced significant enhancements to this product line with greater connectivity options, expanded sensing capability, and improved programming sequences. 

The new 12x series of FlexStat look, on the outside, like the existing line of BAC-10x series, but they offer inputs for six external sensors (instead of three) and advanced firmware that gives options such as for a remote space temperature sensor (including remote only, averaging, highest, or lowest selections). 

Other model options include BACnet communication over Ethernet, over IP, over IP as Foreign Device, as well as over standard MS/TP.

The new BAC-13x includes all these new features plus a built-in CO2 sensor and new demand control ventilation sequences. The BAC-13x series uses Automatic Background Logic, or ABC Logic, a patented self-calibration technique designed to be used in applications where concentrations will drop to outside ambient conditions (approximately 400 ppm) at least three times in a 14 day period, typically during unoccupied periods.

When used according to specifications, this series has been certified to comply with CA Title 24, Section 121(c), as well as sub-paragraph 4.F that specifies accuracy will be maintained within tolerance for a minimum of 5 years without recalibration and that a detected sensor failure will cause the controller to take appropriate corrective action.

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