Bringing KMC and Niagara Together

Need KMC-specific capabilities for your Niagara Workbench? Never fear! We offer a branded workbench and add-on built on Niagara to give you KMC’s configuration and deployment tools within the workbench software.

Workbench Cap

We know this can get confusing, so let’s take a look at the different KMC and Niagara elements and how they work together.

First, what is the Niagara Workbench?

The Niagara Workbench is an open, Java-based framework that can connect to almost any embedded device or system, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. It includes a graphical toolset that enables users to use drag-and-drop application building. It also provides real-time information reporting, server-level functions like centralized data logging, archiving, alarming, trending, and master scheduling. You can easily manage assets using most standard Web browsers.

So, how is the KMC Workbench different? The KMC Workbench is KMC Control’s branded version of the Niagara Workbench. It is pre-packaged with the KMC Converge toolset and includes features and functionality to configure and program KMC BACnet controllers.

You might be wondering if you have to buy the KMC workbench to take advantage of these features. The answer is no. If you have an existing open branded workbench, you just need to purchase – and license – the KMC Converge toolset.

The KMC Converge toolset is a simple add-on that provides KMC-specific functionality in Niagara to configure and program KMC BACnet controllers. There are four modules that make up the toolset: KMC BACnet, KMC Converge, KMC Converge GFX and KMD Translator.

The KMC BACnet Module allows for direct configuration and programming of KMC BACnet controllers without the need for additional software. Its features include access to embedded programs, input and output setups, loops, scheduling configuration, and many more.

The KMC Converge module provides application, selection, configuration, and deployment functionality for standard KMC device application templates. This module also includes device auditing and fingerprinting functions.

With the KMC Converge GFX module, you have quick and easy setup of pre-defined HTML5 graphics, which can be viewed on all standard web browsers and mobile devices.

The last module, the KMD Translator, acts as a licensing utility for the KMD-5551E hardware. The KMC-5551E is a device that provides a communication gateway between the proprietary KMD devices and BACnet, so your existing systems can be integrated into your current BACnet system.

For more information on KMC and Niagara, check out the product documentation.